Animal Intuition: Communicating with Pets, Spirits & Energy


If you love animals, you've probably always wanted to know how to reach out to them: how can you possibly know what your pets are thinking, what they need, what they'd like to say to you? With this informative and accessible guide, professional animal communicator Thea Strom outlines the ins and outs of ethical and accurate animal communication and mediumship. Filled with exercises for connecting with your animals in a deeper way, this book will teach you how to adjust behavioral problems through communication, connect to your departed pets, reach out to animal spirit guides, and even commune with wild creatures on an energetic level. This book is a sensitive look at a practice guided by your own intuition. With a little time and emotional openness, you can gain tangible benefits and improve the relationship you have with your current companion animals, wild animals, and even pets that have passed on. Hardcover Book with Printed Laminated Cover; 6 x 8 inches; 208 pages.