Healing Adaptogens by Tero Isokauppila


"Adaptogens . . . are some of the most underrated, yet powerful, tools for metabolic health, performance, and longevity. Tero and this book are an excellent entryway to learn how you can leverage them in your daily life. " — Mark Hyman, M. D. , New York Times best-selling author.  Are you suffering from chronic fatigue, anxiety, digestive, or autoimmune issues? Or are you seeking a simple way to bring whole-body health into your life with a food that is easy to integrate into your everyday routine with no muss, no fuss?  Welcome to the world of adaptogens: nutrient-dense, calorie-sparse superfoods that have been clinically proven to help your body:defend your immunity and gut health perform through your cardiovascular and respiratory systems restore balance through your neuroendocrine system Author Tero Isokauppila Pages (actual): 256