Magnesium Oil | The Herb Garden


Blooming Wild Botanical's Magnesium Oil Spray with Mint, Rosemary and Clary Sage is a natural and convenient solution to support your magnesium levels and promote overall well-being. It's estimated that over 70% of adults, are deficient in magnesium. This essential mineral plays a crucial role in over 600 vital metabolic reactions within the human body. Every cell relies on magnesium for optimal function and health. If you've been experiencing difficulties sleeping, hot flashes, muscle cramping and pain, fatigue and low energy, or irritability and moodiness, magnesium is something you should try. It's an essential part of a menopause tool kit?  Their Magnesium Oil Spray offers easy absorption through the skin, providing a safe and efficient way to benefit from this essential mineral. Comes in an amber glass bottle.