Plants Are My Favorite People


Plant Parent (n.): Any person who has ever cared for or dreamed about caring for at least one plant. Whether your thumb is more brown than green or you have a successful succulent collection, this book covers all the bases of plant parent life and then some. Plants Are My Favorite People is the guide to houseplants 2.0.   You'll learn all the basics, like understanding light, choosing and buying plants, developing a watering schedule, and replanting properly, as well as your plant parent personality (yes, there's a quiz!) and how to translate that into your care routines and home design. You'll also get a primer on the personalities of twenty-six popular houseplants (like monsteras, philodendrons, and succulents) from a diverse range of genuses, grouped by level of care.   With fun anecdotes and important tips, this guide also helps more experienced plant parents delve into some advanced plant care—think humidity, misting systems, prop