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A Harvest Moon Ritual for Self-Reflection

A Harvest Moon Ritual for Self-Reflection

As the autumn leaves begin to fall and the days grow shorter, we find ourselves entering a season of self-reflection. The September 29th Harvest Moon is upon us, time to gather the fruits of our labor and take stock of our lives.  Below we are sharing a Harvest Moon ritual, a practice that can help us connect with our inner selves and harness the magic of the season.

Start by finding a quiet space, outdoors if possible, where you can connect with the natural world. Take a few deep breaths and feel the cool air in your lungs. Gaze upon the beauty of the Harvest Moon and let its light wash over you. This is a time to shed what no longer serves us and embrace all that we are.

Take a blank journal, a pen, and some candles. Light a candle with the intention of illuminating your path to self-reflection. Set the intention of exploring your innermost desires, fears, and passions. With your pen in hand, begin to write down everything that comes to mind. Write without any judgment or editing; just allow the words to flow from your heart onto the page.

When you are finished, take a moment to read over what you have written. Reflect on the messages that have come through and consider what steps you can take to align your life with your deepest desires. Ask yourself what needs to be released, and what new energies need to come in. What changes can you make to align your life more fully with your purpose?

As you end your Harvest Moon ritual, extinguish the candle and express gratitude for the chance to connect with yourself. Take the insights you've gleaned and carry them with you as you move forward into the magical season of autumn.

Remember, you are powerful, and you have everything you need within you. Take this time to embrace your full self and rediscover the magic within. May the Harvest Moon illuminate the path to your highest self and guide you towards your brightest future.


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