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Highlight: Plantable Earring Backer Cards!

Highlight: Plantable Earring Backer Cards!

Did you know that the earring backer cards that come with Daily Magic jewelry are plantable!? We wanted to highlight the seeds embedded in each card with a four part series called: Wildflowers! Today we are highlight the poppy and thyme seeds which are both possible garden additions you could have pop up after planting your earring cards. 

First up: The Poppy. The poppy is a bright and happy flower that comes in a variety of colors- the red poppy being the most well known and recognizable. They do well in bright spots of your garden in well draining soil. Their affinity for bright sun is part of why you often see them mixed in among wildflower covered fields. The poppy has a long history of use in both medicine and magic. Historically, medicinal uses include sleep and pain management. It's said that carrying poppy seeds with you can help attract wealth, as well as love and fertility. Some old folk tales also speak of the poppy's protective qualities, and its ability to ward off evil spirits when sprinkled around your property. 

a field of wild red poppy flowers in bloom with a blue sky above

Next up: Thyme. Like poppy, thyme also has an extensive history of being used for a variety of purposes. Of course we have all enjoyed a tasty meal seasoned with thyme, but it also has a rich history of magical uses. Thyme can help you purify your space, or your own energy, and thus helps with healing. It is also said to enhance memory and courage if carried with you. Some people have also found it can help foster a calm atmosphere to encourage restful and peaceful sleep. 

a sprig of olive green thyme rests in a glass cup of tea

While we can't guarantee that the seeds will thrive in your specific climate, we love the idea that we are not creating more waste in the world! So plant away!


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